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PRIVILEGE YACHT® reune todos los servicios para facilitar la venta, Que desee vender su embarcación, comprar su próximo barco o alquilar un yate para un evento especial, PRIVILEGE YACHT le ayuda a formar sus proyecto con facilidad!

Para acompañarle mejor, nuestra empresa es presente en Francia y en España, y posee colaboradores en todo el mediterráneo. Presente en el mundo náutico desde más de 10 años, PRIVILEGE YACHT le acompaña para todos los trámites administrativos y EXPERTISE relacionados con la compra o el alquiler de su futuro barco.

Privilege-yacht es distribuidor oficial de Princess.


Privilege Pack

If you are looking for a reliable person on site to keep an eye on your boat, the Privilege Pack is your solution. We take care of your yacht throughout the year, and provide a monthly report.


Need a special service? We organize for you the intervention of a technician from our network. Mechanical, carpentry, electricity, electronic, tapestry, fiber repaires, gel-coat, and much more...

Administrative Management

We guide and help you with all your administrative procedures according to your nationality, your location, and the type of ship you are the owner. Cancellation of flag, change of ownership, change of name, insurance, maritime expert intervention, etc ...

Where to find us

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